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Group classes complete with a warm-up, skill & strength work, and a workout of the day (WOD) while under the direction of a trainer.

Athletes must have CrossFit experience to attend.

If dropping in from out of town from another Crossfit, please contact us ahead of time at info@crossfitsouth.com or 706-688-9413


Our gymnastics-based class will focus primarily on CrossFit related gymnastics movements. Gymnasty is structured to benefit athletes of all levels, from beginners to competitors.

Functional Movement & Mobility $15 per classPlans available from $40No purchase required to enroll

The mobility class is designed to help you improve mechanics and to provide you with the tools to perform basic maintenance on yourself to become a better athlete. We will teach you how to recover from intense workouts, achieve better positioning and manage soreness all through foam rolling, self-myofascial release, PNF, trigger point, self-massage, and stretch band work. This class is about stretching with intention. It’s about positions, ideas, and the focus changes weekly.


Introductory classes for those new to, or returning to CrossFit. Time will be spent learning barbell and bodyweight movements used in our CrossFit classes. Free to new members!

Sunday Run Day (off site)

Whether you're training for a half marathon or just want to run more, come join us for a run! We will meet off-site, never at the gym! Make sure to check sugarwod for location details as it may change week to week.

CrossFit Open 2018 Free

Free for members, visitors will need to pay our standard drop-in fee.



CFS Sweatshop is specifically designed for individuals who want the constantly varied, high-intensity aspects of Crossfit without the heavy lifting. If you find the thought of regular Crossfit classes intimidating, CFS Sweatshop is a great way to build up your endurance, strength, and core using basic bodyweight movements, plyometrics, running, rowing, kettlebells, dumbbells, and med balls — it’s a great introduction to the Crossfit methodology and you can jump right in - no intro classes needed!


Barbell Club

Barbell Club is a class that focuses on Olympic lifting technique for CFS members.

Open Gym

Come to the gym during designated hours to work on weaknesses, homework assigned by the coaches, or make up something you missed.

Aerobic Capacity

Endurance workouts to help build up our aerobic capacity and increase our economy of movement.

Free Classes

Free Community WOD

Free group workout for everyone in the area.